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Deer Breeding at The Legacy Ranch

Looking to improve your herd? At The Legacy Ranch, we can help you grow your own whitetail deer herd, using only world class genetics. AI sires from some of the best bucks such as:

  • Gladiator
  • Gladiator XI
  • G3
  • Gladiator Gridiron
  • Gladiator II
  • Gladiator Elite
  • Fed-Ex
  • Showtime
  • Ransome
  • Old School
  • True Grit
  • Judge
  • Gladiator Starbuck
  • Buddy IV
  • Navigatior
  • Nuke
  • Plus more **

If you want Big Whitetails, the decision you make in building your doe foundation will be the most important decision you make. Current studies and research indicate that at least 60% of antler size comes from the doe. Your doe purchase and breeding is the key to a successful program. You Get what you Pay For!

Our services here at The Legacy Ranch includes:

  • AI Facility
  • Breeder Bucks - Rebel, Mightybeams, Dirty Harry, Handlebars, True Grit Jr., So Easy, Express Shadow son, and a Tripple Crown son. (ALL AVAILIBLE FOR LIVE BREEDING)
  • Stocker Bucks - 1 or 2yr old bucks for sale
  • Fawns
  • Open Does
  • AI Does                                                                   CALL FOR PRICING !!!!
  • Tranquilizing
  • Transportation
  • Chemical Immobilization
  • Consulting

Anything we can do to help, please call John Biddle. He is a licensed game breeder with over 12 years of experience. We have been fortunate to mainly breed with southern genetics that have been proved to be more EHD resistant than the northern deer. Our goal is breeding wide typical EHD resistant deer that will actually live in your preserve.